Roeland Park Comprehensive Plan Update

Roeland Park Comprehensive Plan Update


City of Roeland Park


1.6 square miles / 6,758 population

"Confluence was willing to take extra efforts to provide additional information beyond what was initially planned. They are very easy to work with, great with elected and appointed officials, and do their best to incorporate all perspectives into their final product."

Jennifer Jones-Lacy / Assistant City Administrator, City of Roeland Park


Roeland Park Comprehensive Plan Update

Roeland Park, Kansas


Moving Forward 2040 addresses changing demographics and economic conditions in the community and has created a strategy for the city to retain its identity as a quality inner-ring suburb.

The Roeland Park: Moving Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan update served the first-ring suburban community of Roeland Park in the KC metro area. As a mainly built-out community, the report heavily focused on possible infill redevelopment ideas as well as grappling with how to address home retrofits or renovations through design standards recommendations. The plan will help guide growth and decision making in the City of Roeland Park for the next twenty years and establishes a vision for the city of Roeland Park based on the extensive and invaluable feedback given by citizens, business owners and city leaders. The plan incorporated a variety of engagement methods designed to provide many opportunities for residents, business owners and city leaders to give their input on the long-term vision for Roeland Park. The public input process included traditional public engagement

methods such as public workshops but also more interactive events such as a box city activity at Roesland Elementary.