How We Work

Here is a more in-depth look at how we approach transforming projects from idea to implementation.

Our creative process is focused on collaboration and insightful interaction with our clients, consultants and the community. Through an approach affording each member of the team the ability to identify issues and explore ideas together, we believe everyone gains a deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities.

Our Process


At the outset of every project, our team collaborates with each Client to shape project goals and expectations while also exploring the existing context, issues and challenges that could affect the final outcome. In most cases, our team also facilitates a community or stakeholder engagement process to provide information about project goals and issues affecting the potential outcome while engaging them in hands-on activities to provide valuable input for our team to consider.

We also collaborate with our Clients to develop alternative approaches and design/planning concepts that can achieve the desired results. These initial concepts reflect the input received to date - illustrating a variety of methods and ideas to achieve the Client's goals.    


While finalizing initial concepts, our team begins evaluating the relative success of each approach and analyzing where improvements can be made to better achieve the desired results. These concepts and findings are shared in a collaborative session with our Clients to determine which ideas are strongest and need further development. In most cases, we are also engaging stakeholders or community groups in this process, which involves crafting support materials to describe each idea and gather input in various ways.

The result at this stage of each project typically involves identifying a preferred overall concept or approach coupled with a number of designated areas that need further thought, attention and refinement.  


Using the collaborative input received, our team then prepares numerous refinements to the preferred concept or approach to better address identified issues and challenges that have surfaced to date. We dive into further detail while also considering more granular aspects of each project. The best ideas from earlier concepts can be modified and integrated into the preferred direction. This process typically results in additional creative ideas and approaches to address these needs.

Our collaboration continues with our Client and other identified parties involved in the design/planning process, including presenting these findings and gathering additional input. Our team then begins making the final refinements to the preferred concept/plan. 


Our team's final recommendations are finalized, including all supporting data, information and illustrations that outline the intended results of the project. The form our team's recommendations take is unique to each project type, and ranges from concepts plans used to support additional funding requests - to planning documents outlining future land use and design guideline implementation - to the creation of final design drawings and construction documents.

The final results are an authentic reflection of each Client's goals, the varied input received from stakeholders/community during the design/planning process, and the recommended solution's response to and integration with its unique context.