We take pride in creating an annual internship program that welcomes students from all over the country to collaborate throughout our network of offices.

Our student internships provide opportunities to learn more about the fields of landscape architecture, urban design, and planning. We involve them in a variety of activities including research, hypothetical projects that test theories and emerging applications, and real-world projects where they get to experience the difference their contributions make to the design and planning process.

Student internships are organized into three categories - each with a different focus:

ANNUAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Applicants from across the country are selected each year to participate in this program. Typically comprised of 3rd and 4th year university students, these internships provide in-depth research on emerging trends and hands-on learning through involvement on active projects. These students collaborate on a shared project with all members of each year's internship class, while also becoming part of the team in their respective offices.

PART-TIME INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Applicants to this program include university students who typically live near one of our offices and are completing coursework at a nearby university to complete their professional degree program. These students typically work part-time while finishing their studies.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT PROGRAM - Our firm also works collaboratively with local school districts and high school student programs to engage students interested in learning more about the design and planning profession. This engagement can include interaction and mentoring from our staff and working on individual project assignments while engaged in one of our offices on a weekly basis.  Other activities include our staff facilitating class presentations about the design professions, participating in organized student activities with allied organizations and other design professionals, and facilitating in-depth project site visits to explain various aspects of our practice.   


Megan Lundy, Iowa State
Landscape Architecture - Des Moines Office

Jazmin Hernandez, Iowa State
Landscape Architecture - Des Moines Office

Courtney Dittman, Ohio State
Landscape Architecture - Minneapolis Office

Carter Brown, Kansas State
Landscape Architecture - Chicago Office

Alessandra Thiemann, Ohio State
Landscape Architecture - Chicago Office

Devin Tilley, Kansas State
Landscape Architecture - Kansas City Office

Alexina Goold, Kansas State
Landscape Architecture - Kansas City Office

Simon Worthley, Kansas State
Landscape Architecture - Denver Office

Cash Lilly, Iowa State
Landscape Architecture - Omaha Office

Allie Long, Iowa State
Landscape Architecture - Cedar Rapids Office