Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040

Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040


City of Merriam


11,178 population (2018)


Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040

Merriam, Kansas


As a landlocked community, the Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040 focused on ways to maintain small-town vitality and provide amenity and infrastructure improvements aimed to increase the overall quality of life for Merriam residents.

Merriam, Kansas, is a first-ring suburban community within the Kansas City metropolitan area. Merriam is located in northeastern Johnson County and is part of a group of more affordable communities within the generally affluent Johnson County. A robust engagement strategy helped to identify neighborhood reinvestment and sustainability as key initiatives of the plan. As a built-out community, several areas with high redevelopment potential were identified as possible mixed-use districts and conceptual master plans were created for three of these locations as part of the plan.