West O Streetscape

West O Streetscape


City of Lincoln


4 Miles Long

"The Confluence team brought a wealth of creativity to the project and did a great job of listening to community input and incorporating that input into the final plan. I specifically reached out to Confluence to compete for this project because of their reputation in the field of landscape architecture, and I believe they lived up to that reputation."

Collin Christopher / Planner, Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department

West O Streetscape

Lincoln, Nebraska


Identified by the City as a significant entry corridor, streetscape enhancements were designed to highlight the entryway’s historic significance as part of the Detroit-Lincoln-Denver Highway. 

In 2013, an initial round of streetscape enhancements were made to West O, highlighting the entryway’s historic significance as part of the Detroit-Lincoln-Denver (D-L-D) Highway. The improvements included an interpretive plaza near 3rd and O Street, median plantings east of Highway 77, and decorative lighting, banners, and street trees east of Highway 77 and between Sun Valley Boulevard and Harris Overpass.

Building on the 2013 enhancement efforts, Confluence was hired to help address both aesthetic and functional improvements along the corridor, setting the stage for added private reinvestment. Improvements include street trees and understory landscaping, gateway and monumentation elements, public art, sidewalk and trail connections, public transit facilities, enhanced crosswalk design, site furnishings, and banners and other branding enhancements. Improvements extend from the Harris Overpass to NW 56th Street, with a particular emphasis on the Sun Valley Boulevard, Highway 77 and NW 48th Street intersections.