23rd Street Corridor Beautification Master Plan

23rd Street Corridor Beautification Master Plan


City of Columbus, Nebraska


3 mile corridor

23rd Street Corridor Beautification Master Plan

Columbus, Nebraska


This master plan enhances the corridor's unique identity through new branding features, streetscape amenities, and landscape improvements. 

Confluence crafted a vision to enhance the physical appearance of this important corridor, which serves as the main entrance into Columbus, Nebraska.  The City and Nebraska Department of Transportation envisioned improving corridor safety and lowering travel speeds as part of this project. Intersection improvements were designed with unique crosswalk patterns, additional greenery and new seating elements. Two key intersections also integrate proposed monumental identity markers to express the corridor’s brand at its busiest locations.

Our team also provided a phasing and implementation strategy for the proposed improvements, including a cost-benefit analysis for these streetscape amenities. This exercise helped the City determine their ability to beautify the corridor, allowing them to apply enhancements throughout the length of the corridor.