Smart Moves 3.0: RideKC Regional Transit Plan

Smart Moves 3.0: RideKC Regional Transit Plan


Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) / Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA)





Burns + McDonnell



2018 Merit Award for Planning and Analysis – ASLA Central States


Smart Moves 3.0: RideKC Regional Transit Plan

Kansas City Metropolitan Area


With the goal of doubling job accessibility within the Kansas City metropolitan area, this regional long-range transit plan was created to guide service enhancements and improvements in both the near and long-term.

Confluence collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team and the KCATA, MARC, and regional municipalities to create a new regional long-range transit plan. According to a 2011 Brookings Institution report, only 18% of jobs in the region were accessible by transit in under 90 minutes. Our team was charged with doubling this access through a variety of recommended strategies, service enhancements, and the utilization of new and emerging rideshare technologies. 

As part of the collaborative effort, Confluence focused on aligning community corridor land use planning and transit integration recommendations along identified high frequency corridors, an initial vision for mobility hubs throughout the region to deploy emerging technologies, housing affordability and development incentive policy suggestions, and strategies to increase future ridership opportunities. 

Our team provided extensive research and data analysis throughout the planning process to measure transit propensity, recent and projected land development activity, and macro-scale patterns of worker residences and their respective places of employment throughout the region. This new regional transit plan includes a family of services that improve connectivity at the local and regional level.