North Kansas City Gateway and Wayfinding Signage

North Kansas City Gateway and Wayfinding Signage


City of North Kansas City, Missouri





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""This project has exceeded our expectations""

Sara Copeland / Community Development Director


North Kansas City Gateway and Wayfinding Signage

North Kansas City, Missouri


This gateway feature welcomes people to North Kansas City, and will soon be complimented by additional wayfinding signage and entry sign features.

Confluence led the visioning and master planning process with the City Council serving as our Steering Committee, and developed a cohesive vision for the City's gateway entry areas and wayfinding signage focused on their Downtown District.

The master plan reinforces a strong and unique civic identity while complimenting the proposed streetscape enhancements designed by our team for the adjacent Burlington Corridor.  Proposed elements include several gateway entry signs, a Downtown archway, and community wayfinding signage. Each design feature shares similar aesthetic characteristics, creating a cohesive visual appearance. The archway has been completed, with additional improvements slated to be constructed incrementally over time.