E H Young Riverfront Park

E H Young Riverfront Park


City of Riverside


25.5 acres



Applied Ecological Services

Wilson Engineering

Aerial Illustration EH Young Park
Concept Master Plan

E H Young Riverfront Park

Riverside, Missouri


Serving as a primary community park within the Riverside Park System, the plan for this park anticipates its transformation into a destination for visitors from the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. 

Originally constructed nearly 25 years ago, this park is known for its Riverwalk and its presence along the Missouri River. River movements, road access reconfigurations and the facility’s age all contributed to the desire for a new master plan. Confluence led a design team comprised of park planners, ecologists, river hydrologists and urban designers to guide the creation of a new master plan.

The community has been energized and engaged in developing the direction of this new plan, which confirmed the importance of water-oriented activities, a collection of social gathering spaces, a destination playground, habitat restoration and natural landscape areas. Our team was also engaged to prepare a project phasing strategy and to prepare construction plans for the first phase of park revitalization.