Johnston Town Center + City Hall

Johnston Town Center + City Hall


City of Johnston, Iowa


16 acres

Johnston Town Center + City Hall

Johnston, Iowa


The City of Johnston desired a vibrant new town center to establish the Merle Hay Road Corridor as the main cultural and social hub of the community.

Johnston engaged Confluence to lead a master planning effort to transform a designated 16-acre site adjacent to their existing City Hall into a new mixed-use town center - providing a downtown area the community has never had. This project is an opportunity to strengthen civic identity and create a destination for residents and visitors while promoting new commercial and retail activity in the heart of the community.

Our team organized and facilitated several joint workshops and public meetings throughout the planning process.  This included meeting individually with City staff, elected officials and nearby property owners to ensure the Master Plan matched the vision of the community. Comprehensive design guidelines and an overlay district were also crafted to help the community fully realize their vision for the site.