Creighton University: Residence Hall

Creighton University: Residence Hall


Creighton University


400 residential units + 7 acre site



Holland Basham Architects

Creighton University: Residence Hall

Omaha, Nebraska


With a renewed and updated Campus Master Plan now in place, Creighton University is moving forward with a new residence hall and shape a future campus quad. 

This residence hall will provide incoming freshmen students a home with a mixture of study and living spaces, as well as convenient parking and a chic, rooftop amenity experience. Confluence collaborated with University Staff and the design team to place the building in a prime location overlooking the existing multi-purpose athletic field.

In alignment with our Campus Master Plan, future additional residence halls will be constructed and configured to frame a new main residential quad. Quality outdoor space is a primary campus focus and the rooftop deck provides a wide variety of active and passive spaces for students.