Denver Justice Center: Green Roof

Denver Justice Center: Green Roof


City + County of Denver


3 City Blocks


LEED Platinum Certified

Denver Justice Center: Green Roof

Denver, Colorado


The Plaza and the Denver Justice Center have become a unique public destination that has succeeded as a national model of environmental, social and economic achievement.

As a certified LEED Platinum project, the master plan, urban design, and landscape architecture promoted an innovative new approach in Denver to the public display of sustainable practices.

The campus is a comprehensive network of bioswale water retention, stormwater treatment methods, and water conservation efforts. The project includes two publicly-accessible rooftop gardens and is an extensive year-round urban botanical garden displaying xeric and native plantings. Collectively these measures have established the Justice Center as Denver’s showcase for sustainability and environmental stewardship. The project is the most comprehensive green design, management, and construction application in the City’s history.