Cedar Rapids Greenway Parks

Cedar Rapids Greenway Parks


City of Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department


134 acres

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Cedar Rapids Greenway Parks

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


The Master Plan for this vibrant riverfront park in the heart of Downtown Cedar Rapids was developed to guide future improvement efforts for all flooded properties acquired by the City as a result of the devastating 2008 floods.

Our work involved leading a robust public input process to understand the needs and desires of the community.  While guiding the overall planning process, our team turned feelings of catastrophe and loss into a positive experience by focusing stakeholders raw emotional energy into hands-on design input exercises. Participants were able to provide meaningful input in planning the renewal of their neighborhoods and the design for a new riverfront greenway.

The result was a collaborative, community-driven park Master Plan that included both active and passive uses through a continuous stretch of greenway park. The project envisions a series of new trails, building facilities, active recreational fields, plazas, and open spaces to strengthen the unique culture and integration of adjacent neighborhoods.