Sauk Rapids Riverfront Park Implementation

Sauk Rapids Riverfront Park Implementation


City of Sauk Rapids


10+ acres

Sauk Rapids Riverfront Park Implementation

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota


The Sauk Rapids Riverfront Park focuses on a strategy to encourage residents and visitors alike to reconnect with the Mississippi River and nearby downtown Sauk Rapids.

This revitalization effort intends to serve the local and regional community by providing many programming opportunities that will engage and attract many user types to the site inviting the community to congregate, socialize, play and relax.

Confluence led the visioning of the riverfront park, building intent and program, as well as the public engagement process in partnership with the City of Sauk Rapids. The riverfront park includes an event center venue, performance amphitheater, event lawn space for community events, recirculating sequencing interactive water feature, small gathering venue, river engagement and touchpoints, native restoration and the adaptive reuse of granite outcropping. The Mississippi will regain its value as a focal asset for the community and the riverfront park will become a part of the city’s identity as well as a regional attraction.