404 Rooftop Sky Barn

404 Rooftop Sky Barn


Private Family





The Kilbourne Group (Developer)

404 Rooftop Sky Barn

Fargo, North Dakota


This outdoor room serves a private residence in the 300 Broadway Building - a creative component of an infill mixed-use development in Downtown Fargo.

The new mixed-use building is located next to the iconic Fargo Theater, featuring commercial space on the main floor and three floors of condominium space above. This is one of only ten existing rooftop spaces in Fargo and provides several amenities to extend cold weather usage including fire pits, outdoor heaters, and radiant heat flooring.

Our team created a space reflecting the unique desires of our client - a deep-rooted North Dakota family.  The terrace combines pieces of North Dakota history coupled with the introduction of modern features to create a “sky barn.” An outdoor kitchen with state of the art, customized stainless-steel appliances is encompassed by an outdoor shed built from pieces of a classic plains-style red barn. Other features reminiscent of the Great Plains include native grasses, decorative barbless railings and custom privacy walls with integrated LED lighting.