I-70 / Lewis & Clark Viaduct: Urban Design Guidelines

I-70 / Lewis & Clark Viaduct: Urban Design Guidelines


Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)





Burns & McDonnell


I-70 / Lewis & Clark Viaduct: Urban Design Guidelines

Kansas City, Kansas


Comprised of a series of bridges and connections, this viaduct extends over the West Bottoms area and provides a vital connection between Downtown Kansas City, Kansas and Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

The existing viaduct is nearing the end of it's functional life, and needs to be replaced over several phases of future construction.  At the outset of our involvement in this project, there was concern from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas (UG) about the impacts of the replacement - including whether this new infrastructure would compliment the community's revitalization and support its economic development potential. 

Confluence led a structured and facilitated community engagement process to identify community stakeholder and City concerns while exploring opportunities to shape elements of the project to compliment the City's unique history and heritage. A set of Urban Design Guidelines were created and adopted by both the UG and the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to guide future aesthetic enhancements for all phases of bridge and roadway infrastructure replacement. An art deco theme was crafted to compliment the architectural character of several area structures.  

Enhancements within the study area will include art deco profiles for all bridge piers, aesthetic treatments for bridge railings and barriers, multi-modal bridge replacement, retaining walls, lighting, area wayfinding, open space improvements, community gateways and connectivity improvements.