The Campus

The Campus


Occidental Management, Inc. + Hoefer Wysocki Architects


~207 Acres / ~6.43M SF of Development

The Campus

Overland Park, Kansas


Following the acquisition of the existing Sprint Campus corporate headquarters, this project will transform and reposition the campus into an energized multi-tenant mixed-use district including a second headquarters location for the new T-Mobile. 

As the second-largest office campus in the United States, this institutional office complex was originally crafted to serve the needs of the Sprint Corporation. This project involves a significant transformation of the physical environment, amenity offerings, and the functional configuration of uses within the campus that will include new commercial, hospitality and residential components. The program includes additional new development to introduce retail, food and entertainment opportunities within the campus to create an attractive, connected and vibrant modern work environment.

Anticipated features include the integration of smart technologies for stormwater capture/management and re-use, an interactive campus-wide app for hospitality, transportation and social connectivity, and the provision of numerous site amenities that create a welcoming and engaging environment for employees, campus residents and the surrounding community.  Our team is in the process of assisting the owner’s team in securing zoning entitlements for the development and the creation of campus-wide development guidelines, comprehensive signage improvements to re-brand the campus, and the implementation of the initial phases of new mixed-use development.