24th Street Corridor: Creighton University

24th Street Corridor: Creighton University


Creighton University



24th Street Corridor: Creighton University

Omaha, Nebraska


Improving pedestrian and bicycle safety was a key goal for revitalizing the functionality and appearance of this important campus corridor.

As an integral part of the design team, Confluence led the aesthetic enhancement to transform this existing 4-lane vehicular-oriented street into a two lane corridor with on-street bicycle lanes separated by a landscaped median. A new roundabout was also integrated at the south entry of the Creighton Campus to slow traffic and to improve the primary campus pedestrian crossing at California Mall and 24th Street.

Our team also developed campus identity improvements to further enhance this campus gateway arrival area. The streetscape design focused on prioritizing the pedestrian experience, building a strong identity for the University and creating a welcoming atmosphere that is attractive to corridor users. The design included elements such as gateway improvements, lush landscaping with decorative planters and fencing, pedestrian lighting, and specialty hardscape features.