Our Work

KC Riverfront Streetcar Extension

Kansas City, Missouri

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Confluence was selected to collaborate in studying the costs and economic feasibility for extending Downtown’s existing streetcar system to connect with and serve Kansas City’s Riverfront area. This area has tremendous potential for future growth and economic development activity, and the provision of streetcar to provide access for these properties is anticipated to allow the 55-acre riverfront property to achieve its potential. The study also included reviewing multi-modal connections for bus transit service, potential public parking opportunities, and bicycle and pedestrian trail connectivity.

PortKC has been preparing the land in this area to position it to attract new development opportunities, which includes a proactive entitlement and zoning for these properties. This work establishes a development framework for multiple development partners to design and build their respective projects with an eye towards a common vision of a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly district that compliments the adjacent Berkley Riverfront Park.

The scope of this study effort included developing and analyzing alternative routes to serve the riverfront area, and exploring their respective differences in cost and operational effectiveness.  A key component of this study also includes analyzing the benefit this new streetcar service will provide the area, and high-level analysis of the increased land values and rent premiums that could be achieved by extending streetcar services. The study also includes recommendations for how these benefits can translate into an overall financing strategy to assist in moving the project forward to the next step of implementation.  Public engagement efforts were integrated, including key stakeholder interviews and facilitated public outreach activities that encouraged input and participation in the planning process.