Our Work

Residential Development

We respect the land and people it supports.  Our land planning process involves exploring and discovering hidden opportunities that create long-term value while guiding our clients through a series of thoughtful and informed decisions.  This balanced approach includes respecting existing natural systems and integrating unique site features to become attractive amenities that benefit the surrounding community.

Whether this process involves working directly with a focused team of real estate professionals, or facilitating public meetings with several hundred community members in attendance, we have the tools and creativity needed to engage stakeholders in meaningful ways.  Doing so allows greater understanding and appreciation of the opportunities to effectively guide future growth and development, and can achieve consensus-building and support for the resulting planning recommendations.

Creating strong communities is of particular importance to us, and our extensive experience working for both municipalities and development interests is testament to the passion and creativity we bring to each and every project.

  • Master-Planned Communities
  • Land Use Regulations
  • Development Planning
  • Infill + Revitalization Planning
  • Site Planning + Landscape Architecture
  • Natural Resource Protection
  • Rezoning and Entitlements