Our Work

St. Peter's Catholic School: Playground Renovation

Kansas City, Missouri

Confluence is working with a Parish committee and key stakeholders to create a Campus Master Plan.  This plan is anticipated to guide future growth and improvements within the campus environs including future expansion, site circulation and parking improvements, campus identity signage, and pedestrian space enhancements.  An implementation strategy will also be developed by the Parish to establish phasing priorities and to guide related fundraising efforts in support of the plan recommendations.

As part of our on-going work with the Parish, Confluence has been involved with the planning of an expanded parking and drop-off area adjacent to the early childhood education center (ECLC).  We have also designed a Children’s Garden area and a new memorial garden space adjacent to the Chapel – both being implemented by Parish volunteers.

Confluence also designed a new playground for St. Peter’s School.  This project was a culmination of several years of dedicated grass-roots efforts to establish a playground for the students of the K-8 school.  Prior to its completion, the school utilized an adjacent parking lot for play activities. The new playground includes a large central play structure with safety surfacing surrounded by a swing-set, individual play stations, an outdoor classroom, and a walking loop.  Benches and tables were arranged throughout the space, with the entire area secured by a perimeter ornamental fence.  A large portion of the construction labor was provided by Parish volunteers who gave their time and talents to this worthy cause.