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A New Look At Old Town Lenexa

Lenexa, Kansas

Collins Noteis & Associates, Confluence, and Wilson & Company were retained by the Mid-America Regional Council to assist the City of Lenexa, Kansas, with the development of a community-driven strategic development plan for its historic Old Town area. Located at the intersection of Santa Fe Trail Drive and Pflumm Road, the remaining parts of the original town development exist today as a row of mostly historic buildings with retail shops and a train depot facing the railroad tracks. The area is surrounded by single-family neighborhoods on the north, east and west with several civic uses located immediately south of the BNSF railroad.

The purpose of this plan was to develop a high level vision for historic Old Town that the City, the civic and business community and the neighborhoods could use as a guide toward improving the area’s pedestrian-oriented environment, improving its sense of place and image and reviving its economic vitality. The resulting plan, based heavily on public input conducted throughout the project, provides strategies and guidance for accomplishing the community’s vision for Old Town. It is a high-level study to address key issues in a connected way, but does not provide detailed design or construction specifics. The recommendations outlined in the plan contain both short-term and long-term action steps that have been developed with the help of the community. The planning process identified key issues and developed strategies to reestablish the identity of Old town; re-energize economic development; improve parking, update design guidelines, revitalize Old Town’s image, protect its historic character; improve walkability and reinforce Old Town as a destination for the surrounding neighborhoods and community as a whole.