Our Work

Granger Comprehensive Plan

Granger, Iowa

Confluence was retained by the City of Granger as part of the planning team to complete a new comprehensive plan for their community. The vision and unique approach to planning made our team the obvious choice.

The Granger community had recently undergone a study of Oxley Creek, which bisects town. The recommendation from that study was to look at a comprehensive approach to storm water management. After reviewing the study, the design team embraced this vision and approached the entire community design with this in mind. The previous comprehensive plan, completed in 2004, used a more rigid and rectalinear approach to extend the street grid and anticipated land uses, with little regard for the existing land form. The new comprehensive plan was crafted to respond to the terrain, utilizing a strategic approach of integrated stormwater management and preservation of open space corridors to inform future growth and development.

The two plans are vastly different. It is our community planning philosophy to respect and enhance natural features and ecological systems for the benefit of the community. Communities that have the opportunity to plan for the future have the luxury of preserving the past. This plan was a collaborative effort with Dallas County, the Soil Conservation Service, the Citizens of Granger, City Staff, Iowa DNR and many others.