Our Work

Grand Prairie Parkway Corridor Planning & Design

Waukee, Iowa

For years, Grand Prairie Parkway (formerly known as the Alice’s Road Corridor) has been a top economic development priority for the City of Waukee, Iowa. With more than 1,300 acres of land for development and access to a future Interstate 80 interchange, the corridor offers the City of Waukee an opportunity to invest in the economic sustainability of the region and create opportunities for new industry and job growth.

Previously, several high-level corridor and master plans had been completed for the area. With funding secured for the roadway and interchange construction, Confluence was retained to expand upon previous planning efforts and to put the next level of detail to the master plan – taking the land use plan and laying out how the corridor can develop. The Confluence team was responsible for updating the previous market study; developing a financial feasibility study, and developing concepts for branding the development which will be known as “Kettlestone”.

In choosing a team for this project, the City felt it important to select a team with extensive contacts within the development and real estate communities in an effort to spark interest and development of the corridor. Another main consideration for the City was hiring a firm that could meet with the numerous land owners affected by the corridor to help them see the big vision and understand that setting the design and development bar high would help everybody realize the highest and best use of their land.

A unique feature for the corridor is the extensive greenway that the City is developing along with the roadway construction, which also functions as a regional storm water detention facility. This has a direct benefit for land owners as they can increase their development densities by utilizing land normally set aside for detention. The challenge is now that the road is starting construction and will be finished in late 2015, getting land owners to be patient and selective as they receive development proposals.

Confluence has since been retained to assist Waukee in the preparation of development guidelines and standards and review of development proposals for plan compliance as they are received. Confluence will assist with the formation of overlay zoning districts and provide suggestions as necessary for development plan submittals to maintain the vision set forth in Phase 1.