Our Work

East Village Market District Master Plan

Des Moines, Iowa

Confluence was hired to assist with a visioning exercise to explore long-term redevelopment potential for a historically significant portion of the downtown Des Moines area known as the “Lower East Village”. This study explores alternatives to transform an existing commercial/industrial district into a vibrant mixed-use district through targeted redevelopment, infill, and urban revitalization opportunities. Potential future uses being considered include new institutional facilities, cultural destinations, revitalized commercial structures, community open space, open-air markets, and multi-family residential.

We worked closely with the prime consultant/lead designer and City staff to develop planning diagrams, a master development plan, and several alternatives for the study area. The study effort was heavily focused on urban design and planning methodologies, and utilizes visualization and presentation graphics to depict the potential scale and character of the redevelopment while further clarifying the public realm improvements that will ultimately be included in the plan recommendations.