Our Work

Overland Park Downtown Form-Based Code

Overland Park, Kansas

In collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team, Confluence assisted in the creation of a new Form Based Code to guide redevelopment and public investment priorities for the community’s historic downtown area. A series of stakeholder meetings and public involvement opportunities were held during the planning process, including a week-long design charette intended to increase awareness and facilitate a sense of community authorship in the final planning recommendations.

This proposed code builds on the City’s previous planning efforts to establish a new vision for the entire Metcalf Corridor. The code is envisioned to ultimately change the overall development pattern along the corridor from a suburban character to more of an urban, pedestrian-friendly environment where dense multi-story mixed-use development is strongly encouraged. Opportunities for future public transit to serve this entire corridor are also incorporated into the planning recommendations.

Confluence assisted in planning and facilitating several public and stakeholder meetings, creating multiple urban design alternatives and redevelopment recommendations, development of the final regulating plan, and collaborating with the team to calibrate the final code recommendations for building setbacks, heights, street widths, and related planning and development criteria.