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R.A. Bloch Cancer Survivor's Park

Kansas City, Missouri

Confluence was retained by the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation to revitalize the northern half of the R.A. Bloch Cancer Survivors Park in Kansas City, Missouri. Situated on the west edge of the historic Country Club Plaza, this park was the first in a series of similar installations throughout the United States. The parks focus on helping people cope with the journey of being diagnosed with, living a life with, and recovering from cancer. The space is meant to be both contemplative and inspirational.

The design goal of the park renovation was to create an open and inviting environment that attracts pedestrians and visitors from the vibrant Country Club Plaza district. A colorful and monumental new sculpture anchors the northern end of the park, serving as an iconic element that draws people to enter and further explore the park.

A series of plazas and spaces are provided along a “positive mental attitude” walkway, which weaves a path through the new park and offers education, inspiration, and encouragement to those experiencing the impacts of cancer. The visual character is further enhanced at night through the use of dramatic aesthetic lighting that also extends use of the park. This renovation has truly energized the west side of the Country Club Plaza, and provides a renewed sense of hope to its many visitors.