Our Work

Dallas County Hospital

Perry, Iowa

Confluence was retained as part of a multi-disciplinary design team by Dallas County Hospital (DCH) to evaluate its current 12-acre campus and to provide a vision for improving both interior and exterior space functionality and connectivity. The hospital is also connected to the Spring Valley Assisted Living facility and part of the hospital’s long-range plan is to increase capacity of the facility – which would require the acquisition of an additional 10-acres of land adjacent to the current campus. Residents have an interior connection to the hospital and DCH wanted to develop a walking trail around the site as well.

The site was organized into 5 zones: Public or ‘front of house’, Private or ‘back of house’, Highway Development, Community Area, and Neighborhood Development Area. The adjacent parcel has an existing office building that would be renovated and expanded as medical office use with associated parking and this occurs in the Highway Development zone. Twenty-six cottage/duplex units are proposed in the Neighborhood Development Area with ample green space, courtyards and connecting pathways. The existing Spring Valley facility would be expanded to the east and maintain the interior connection to the main hospital. Easy access is also provided to the proposed medical office. The master plan also identifies the Hospital’s desire for new outdoor garden areas.