Our Work

Phillips Avenue Streetscape

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls has experienced a number of makeovers in years past from a non-motorized pedestrian mall of the 1970’s to a more recently thriving center of the community. Recent years have seen the area revitalized with shopping, loft living, restaurants and new businesses. In keeping with the revitalization of the downtown area, the City contracted with Confluence for the streetscape design and planning. The goal of the streetscape design was to create a positive first impression for visitors, promote quality of life, give an overall impression of a healthy retail community and create a framework for future investment.

A number of amenities have been incorporated into the design including pedestrian scaled lighting, seatwalls and kiosks using native quartzite stone, and planters to encourage pedestrian level landscape and color. This portion of downtown features a Sculpture Walk that was integrated into the overall concept through the use of quartzite as a cohesive element for the sculpture bases. Architectural signage was used to create wayfinding as well as identity.

Downtown Sioux Falls is often host to community events. Many businesses have expanded their storefronts to the sidewalks on Phillips Avenue using outdoor seating. The design features “bump out” areas to accommodate the expanded usage of the sidewalk space and create more flexibility while preserving the number of parking spaces along the street. The architectural signage and street light banners can be easily changed and updated for seasonal city events.