Our Work

North Oak Corridor

Kansas City, Missouri

The City of Kansas City, Missouri selected Confluence to prepare a community led streetscape master plan for a 3.5-mile segment of the North Oak Corridor. This aging thoroughfare has long served Kansas City’s Northland as one of the few primary north/south commercial corridors. It serves an important role in connecting several existing neighborhoods and the adjacent communities of North Kansas City and Gladstone.

Over the years, aesthetic characteristics for portions of this corridor have declined, including an increase in underperforming and vacant adjacent properties. The street still supports a wide variety of land uses including conventional single-family and multi-family properties, and a mixture of aging small-scale businesses and recent infill commercial uses. Access management needs have been identified and are being incorporated into the plan recommendations.

Building on the City’s prior adoption of a Corridor and Land Use Plan, Confluence has engaged key corridor stakeholders in a design process that clearly identifies current conditions, explores alternative design solutions and corridor identity opportunities, and establishes long-term goals for revitalizing this important Kansas City corridor. Project participants have provided important direction on the preferred “personality” of the corridor.

Multi-modal transportation considerations were a key consideration, including the KC ATA’s North Oak Bus Route that may eventually transform into a potential Bus Rapid Transit/Fixed-Guideway system to serve the community. Additionally, sustainable approaches and the use of green infrastructure solutions are also integrated into the plan as a priority for this corridor. Thoughtful design considerations also include alternative storm water treatment strategies, consideration of high-efficiency roadway and pedestrian lighting, and other environmentally responsible design solutions.