Our Work

Downtown Carroll Streetscape

Carroll, Iowa

Confluence prepared the Carroll Corridor of Commerce Master Plan. The corridor includes 5 miles of Highway 30 running east/west through the community, the Downtown area bisected by Highway 30 and the Highway 71 corridor north/south. The planning process was built upon citizen input and reaction to achieve consensus among the community factions affected by the project.

The plan recommended creating consistent elements and treatments starting at the “gateway” edges and building to the Downtown core. This was done through the creation of a pallet of materials, furnishings and lighting options that allow each area in the corridor to reflect its own character and specific needs, while still being connected to the entire corridor.

Based upon citizen input, the focus of the Master Plan were the Gateways and Downtown areas. The plan recommended gateway features that set the tone for the corridor with the quality of materials and the appropriate scale. Issues of pedestrian and vehicular circulation in the downtown area were examined and rectified through changes from one-way streets and parallel parking to two-way traffic with angled parking. The final design strove to reflect the inherent sense of place and pride that the community of Carroll possesses.

Following the completion of the plan, the City initiated implementation of Phase I to include the revitalization of 5 City blocks in the Downtown shopping district. Confluence’s scope included streetscape design, design development drawings, cost estimation, construction documents and construction observation.

Citizen input was carried from the master plan into the design development of Phase I. The master plan recommended the removal of existing steel canopy structures in order to open up the store front windows and reveal the architecture. Pedestrian-level light fixtures with integrated store signs increased store visibility, created excitement and added color to the downtown. Reconfigured parking stalls allowed for forty-five degree angled parking, which doubled the amount of parking stalls on the main corridor of the shopping district.

Kiosks mark the corners of US Hwy 30 and draw interest to the shopping district. The kiosk sign contains information including a map of the downtown shopping district, area stores and history of the Lincoln Highway. The kiosk sign face can be easily changed and updated for seasonal city events. Circular concrete seat walls, concrete pavers and landscaping help set the tone of the downtown experience. Limestone pots in varying heights contain annuals and perennial plantings that add a splash of color throughout.

Citizens are excited by the results of the built project along with all of the positive press from the neighboring cities. Store owners have begun to invest money into their storefronts with new facades and colorful awnings.