Our Work

Corridors + Streetscapes

We recognize the important role corridors play in serving the surrounding community.  The perception of a community can be measured by the vitality of its streets.  The daily life of residents and visitors takes place in and along these corridors.  Therein lays an inherent need to provide an integrated approach for streetscape design and corridor land use planning recommendations that support the community’s desired identity and visual character.

Our planning approach involves developing a solid understanding of how these corridors function currently, and evaluating how this role can evolve to continue serving the needs of the community in the future.  While the scope of this work can vary widely based on the particular needs of the area, our corridor design and planning efforts tend to involve a holistic approach that considers physical, regulatory, social, and aesthetic aspects and solutions.  Understanding the interrelationship between these many factors is imperative to developing recommendations that are clearly articulated, can be implemented incrementally, and are able to be administered effectively.

The backbone of our practice is dedicated to planning vibrant corridors and creating great urban spaces.  We view the design of streetscapes and corridor planning as opportunities to encourage healthy and active street life, and to visibly demonstrate a community’s quality of life. Our built spaces are sensitive to maintenance and operating costs, as well as the unique urban character of the surrounding district or area. Confluence understands the importance of public input in the design and planning process, as well as the design complexity of urban streets and their related physical elements.  Our solutions combine decorative paving, landscape planting, lighting, water features, site furnishings, art and architecture to promote social interaction, urban street life, pedestrian comfort and corridor vitality.

  • Corridor Aesthetics and Enhancement
  • Streetscape Design
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Corridor Land Use Planning
  • Overlay Districts and Regulations