Our Work


We view the corporate campus and its outdoor environment as an opportunity to knit a company’s values into the fabric of site land forms and ecosystems. Through integrated and collaborative team planning of both site and structures, we strive to creatively articulate the unique corporate culture and company aspirations into a cohesive overall site master plan.

First impressions begin forming the moment potential employees, visitors, and clients approach the project site, and carries through in all they see, touch, and experience during their time on campus.  Our design work provides stimulating outdoor spaces and memorable site experiences, while providing a welcoming physical environment and a more productive employee base.

For over two decades, Confluence has worked with owners, developers, and architects to attain these goals.  We strive to enhance the unique characteristics of each site and to create a unified image of the landscape that expresses its owners’ needs and aspirations. Our corporate master planning process gains alignment and direction from key leaders, sets a long-term framework for implementation, and makes the ‘right moves’ up front to maximize budget while reducing costs.

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Site Selection
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Site Circulation and Parking
  • Site Planning and Building Orientation
  • Office Park Design
  • Pedestrian Plaza Spaces and Amenities
  • Phased Implementation