Our Work

Commercial + Mixed-Use

Retail and commercial activity represents the lifeblood of a community’s economic vitality.  Today’s discriminating consumers want a retail experience that provides quality and value.  Our approach to creating successful, high-quality commercial districts and mixed-use pedestrian environments involves crafting an aesthetically cohesive vision that complements and strengthens the surrounding community.

Whether designing a mixed-use commercial/retail district as part of a new development project, or renovating/expanding a building or complex within an existing urban environment, our landscape architects and site planners have valuable experience in successfully implementing projects at a variety of scales.  Our approach is geared towards creating a highly functional, pedestrian-friendly and welcoming physical environment that supports commercial activity while creating a unique and authentic sense of place.

Our design and planning process also explores issues of long-term material durability and related cost evaluations, ease of maintenance, and incorporating pragmatic and sustainable site design solutions.  Our team of professionals has the creativity and capabilities to transform your vision into a set of concise and cohesive commercial district design and planning recommendations that can effectively guide future implementation efforts, while still integrating opportunities for individual creativity, design expression, and flexibility.

  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Commercial Districts
  • Streetscape and Site Furnishings
  • Thematic Design Elements
  • Pedestrian Plazas and Amenities
  • Site Circulation and Parking
  • Sustainable Site Design Solutions