Our Work

South Dakota State University

Brookings, South Dakota

Confluence has led campus design and planning efforts for several enhancements and improvements to the South Dakota State University Campus:

South Dakota State University Design 2025 & Master Plan: Confluence was hired to provide a master plan for the core area of the 272 acre campus at SDSU.  The master plan provides a unified vision for implementing the recommendations within multiple prior planning studies while focusing on the following: 1. Improved campus pedestrian functionality, safety, community connectivity and user experience; 2. Parking re-organization within the campus core; 3. Thoughtful incorporation of planned facility expansions. The recommendations within the plan established a set of planning principles for campus improvements.  Final recommendations for campus improvements were summarized and a phasing plan for these improvements was established.

Jackrabbit Green Master Plan: Confluence was hired to create a working document to guide the ongoing redevelopment of an approximately 18-acre portion of the South Dakota State University campus aptly named Jackrabbit Green after the school’s mascot. Goals of the master plan were to improve the quality of an existing east/west pedestrian corridor and to transform the area into a memorable outdoor campus space. Improving the pedestrian circulation and wayfinding, and emphasizing pedestrian access at major entrance points to campus were also desired features. The plan allows for integration of future building projects and sets a standard for continuity amongst site elements within the project area. Finally, the plan developed guidelines to promote a high-quality, sustainable campus landscape.

McCrory Gardens Visitor Center Master Plan: Confluence assisted with the master plan for McCrory Gardens in Brookings. Originally developed as a formal garden in the 1960’s, the site was named in honor of Professor S.A. McCrory who headed the horticulture department at South Dakota State University from 1947 until his passing in 1964.

The guiding principles of this new master plan were to create a site adjacent to the Visitor Center that would be an extension of the interior space and support the program of the facility while creating a meaningful, memorable space. The plan incorporates sustainable design principals and sensitivity to the existing gardens while providing for potential future building expansion.  Additional requirements of the design include pedestrian access, parking lot design, utilization of the landscape to create a buffer from adjacent retail stores, and preserving service access to the existing garden maintenance facility. The plan also called for identification of the gardens as an entity of SDSU and the inclusion of a proposed Children’s Garden.