Our Work

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Confluence has led campus design and planning efforts for several enhancements and improvements to the Iowa State University Campus, including the following representative examples:

College of Veterinary Medicine Master Plan: Confluence was selected by Iowa State University to craft a Master Plan and site analysis for the 88-acre College of Veterinary Medicine.  A preferred location was selected for a Large Animal Hospital Addition after carefully analyzing the site and surroundings. Iowa State University requested that a sustainable design approach be taken for Phase I improvements.  In conjunction with the Conservation Design Forum (CDF), workshops were held to inform university facilities staff about green infrastructure.

Confluence prepared planning recommendations for site circulation that carefully separated animal and vehicular traffic to address bio-safety and cross-contamination concerns associated with these facilities.  Other site elements include treating on-site stormwater through bio-swales and rain gardens, and the incorporation of decorative fencing, stone outcroppings, and landscape planting enhancements.

College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Hospital Addition and Renovation:  Confluence is also involved in Phase II implementation of the master plan, and is part of a multi-disciplinary team designing the College’s Small Animal Hospital Renovation and Addition.  The project incorporated several sustainable principles, and is anticipated to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Engineering Campus Master Plan: In conjunction with the College of Engineering, Iowa State University selected Confluence to evaluate numerous campus master planning issues that were unresolved as part of the Howe Hall project. Confluence organized and facilitated a one-day workshop with ISU planning staff, Howe Hall architects, the Dean of the Engineering College, and ISU administrators to identify many unresolved site issues such as poor vehicular circulation, newly discovered delivery and service needs, pedestrian conflict points, and lack of a comprehensive landscape planting concept.

Utilizing this input, Confluence prepared a schematic Master Plan that addressed the identified concerns while also creating a unified flow of pedestrian pathways and landscape forms.  A new campus roundabout and a donor plaza area were also identified as future opportunities. The master plan also illustrates how a second building can be developed within the context of the Engineering Campus.

Knoll Road + Union Drive Enhancement:  As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Confluence led the streetscape design and bridge enhancement planning for this project.  The project area was adjacent to 4 on-going campus construction projects, and required extensive design and construction coordination to address site grading and access considerations.   The result is an improved pedestrian-friendly environment that fits the aesthetic character of the campus.