Our Work

Iowa Central Community College

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Campus Master Plan:  Confluence was retained by Iowa Central Community College to prepare a Master Plan that would address present and future needs of the college.  Student population growth created an immediate functional need for additional parking, residence hall facilities, and educational spaces. There was also a desire by school administrators to create a more pedestrian-friendly campus and to integrate sustainable and environmentally sensitive design principles.

Administration staff members were engaged in a facilitated planning process to assist in establishing fundamental goals and principles that would guide future campus development.  Utilizing these goals, Confluence then sought additional input from students, faculty, coaches, neighbors, and maintenance staff.  After gathering and analyzing this information, a series of development alternatives were created and shared with the master plan committee to review.  Preferred features were then combined into the final Campus Master Plan presented to the Board for approval.  The plan was adopted and became the focus of a $20M bond issue passed by the County for implementation.

The resulting plan and improvements creates a central pedestrian space connecting to a new 2.2-acre pond in the center of campus. The pond will change the aesthetic feel of campus while also serving as a natural source of heating and cooling for the surrounding buildings. The pond is also designed to provide approximately 75% of the campus storm water detention needs. Ultimately, the plan preserves green space while solving a number of utility infrastructure issues and gives Iowa Central a new “front door” to the west.

Bio-Science Center: As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Confluence was involved in the design of a new Bio-Science Center facility located on the campus. The project incorporates several sustainable design strategies, and achieved LEED Gold certification.

Phase one of this project eliminated the practice football facility and included construction of a three-acre pond which provides detention for the entire campus. The pond is also utilized as a geo-thermal source to heat and cool the Bio-Science Center.

The entry plaza provides a welcome to students and visitors and the plaza on the opposite side of the building provides an excellent event space that overlooks the pond. This space is used for alumni events and campus celebrations.