Our Work

Museum of Visual Materials Courtyard

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Museum of Visual Materials employed Confluence to create the landscape design for the renovation of the Consolidated Tank Line Building. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in downtown Sioux Falls, the building dates back to circa 1880. The project received LEED Platinum Certification for landscape related points. Rainwater from the site and roof are allowed to percolate into a raised entry planter and any waters remaining go into the rain garden to percolate into the soil to produce storm water run off. Plants in the rain garden can temporarily handle saturated soils thus eliminating the need for irrigation. Any remaining water is directed to a French drain.

Confluence designed the landscape and ornamental street planters and consulted on the design of the storm water and hardscapes. The landscape features native plants such as little blue stem, switchgrass, prairie coneflower, sedges, brown-eyed susan and liatris.