Our Work

Missouri Department of Conservation Regional Office

Lee's Summit, Missouri

Confluence served as the landscape architect on a multi-disciplinary team responsible for the design of a new 10,000 square foot Missouri Department of Conservation Regional Office Building and an associated maintenance facility.  Located within the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, this new facility serves as the operational headquarters for the Missouri Department of Conservation in the Kansas City Region. A new, gated entrance road to the regional office was designed to become the public’s main entrance to the Wildlife Area.

Integral to the design of the new facility is the Department’s mission: “To protect and manage the fish, forest and wildlife resources of the state; to serve the public and facilitate their participation in resource management activities; and to provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy and learn about fish, forest and wildlife resources.“

This new facility serves as an opportunity to educate the public about sustainable construction methods, native plant materials, and responsible stormwater management techniques.  The use of pervious concrete paving areas reduced the amount of runoff from paved surfaces, and stormwater BMP’s are located to treat other areas of surface runoff.   A majority of the roof runoff was designed to flow into infiltration trenches, while some will be directed into rain gardens. An entry courtyard will utilize permeable pavers and solar powered site lighting.

Confluence also worked in collaboration with Department staff to develop a native plant palette that will serve to educate both the public and the Department staff. Staff members will be responsible for installation of some plant material as well as ongoing maintenance of the extensive prairie grasses surrounding the facility.