Our Work

Lincoln Children's Zoo

Lincoln, Nebraska

Confluence has been retained as part of a multi-disciplinary team to embark on a major expansion of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo on the Antelope Park Triangle defined by South 27th Street on the west, “A” Street on the south and Capitol Parkway on the northeast. The overarching design goal of the expanded zoo is to create a guest experience that is a continuation of the scale, intensity and intimacy of the existing zoo that is particularly suited to the children who are the target audience.

The new Zoo expansion will include a new Lincoln Public Schools education facility, entry gates, parking, gift shop, donor wall, amphitheater, naturalized runnel water feature, Red Panda, Tiger and Giraffe exhibits. Through the new exhibits, Zoo visitors will have the opportunity to feed giraffes and sit adjacent to the tigers in a jeep. The expansion is set to open Spring 2019 and will reinvigorate the long time visitor and attract new visitors to the Zoo for a unique environment and experience.