Our Work

Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center

Overland Park, Kansas

For many years, Overland Park and Johnson County struggled with what to do with “King Louie”, the former bowling alley and ice chateau that opened in 1959 along the suburban Metcalf Avenue corridor. The County purchased the building with the intent to develop a civic center and museum.

Confluence analyzed the sites strengths and weaknesses while maintaining the importance of being a good neighbor.  Confluence worked closely with the Johnson County team and the architects to position specific programming spaces that encourage and capitalize on the indoor/outdoor relationships.  The courtyard off of the main event space engages with the building and creates another room for additional event space capacity.  While the courtyard has the volume to cater to large events, it’s also flexible and has the ability to serve the numerous day to day Johnson County camps, programs and events.  The weathering steel wall that encloses the courtyard reflects the modern design approach and stays true to the existing building’s earthy tones of the limestone.  The native landscape design aligns with the County’s ideals in creating a simple and low maintenance plant palette.

This wonderfully unique new civic amenity opened to the public in summer 2017.