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Excelsior Springs Community Center

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

The proposed community center site is located on approximately 8 acres south of the Excelsior Springs High School at the northwest corner of Tiger Drive and Wornall Road. This site is currently used for informal football and/or soccer practice space and the proposed facility would displace one of the three field areas that exist.

Primary vehicular site access is provided from Tiger Drive with a formal entry drive terminating in a drop off at the main entrance on the north side of the building. The upper level entry plaza will consist of integrally colored concrete or decorative pavers and include seating, litter receptacles, bike racks, flagpoles and other site furnishings. Parking for 150 cars to serve the new community center is planned south of the existing Excelsior Springs High School parking lot and east of the new center. A gated connection between the two lots is provided, creating an opportunity for overflow parking on weekends, summers and holiday periods when traffic is expected to be at peak levels.

The site plan takes advantage of the sites’ unique topographic characteristics, perched close to the top of the ridge providing for good visibility of the facility from Highway 69. A proposed patio, located south of the community wing, provides vistas to Century Park and as well as an opportunity to incorporate an amphitheater into the grade south of the community patio. The building is also oriented to allow south-southwestern exposure for an area reserved for future outdoor aquatics on the southwest side of the building. The proposed site configuration takes advantage of existing grade changes, setting the building into the topography to minimize earthwork needs to the greatest extent practical. Creating a main floor entry on the upper level and allowing for the lower level to extend out from the existing grades reduces the amount of earthwork needed. By positioning the building to work with the existing grades, the need for retaining walls is minimized, thus reducing site improvement costs. Storm water detention and alternative storm water treatment elements are incorporated to improve the quality of the run-off water prior to discharging to Century Park pond.