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  • Confluence Pocket Park

    September 20, 2017

    Great things happen when you get a great group of people together. Each of the 5 Confluence offices met up in Cedar Rapids to transform a parking ramp and an alley into a pedestrian friendly pocket park. 

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    • The goal of this project is to alter the public’s perception of alleys in downtown Cedar Rapids through the use of temporary interventions that transform an alley from a purely utilitarian space to an attractive, pedestrian-friendly public space.

      Historically, alleys in downtown Cedar Rapids have served as service drives and one-way vehicular connections. This has resulted in a network of desolate corridors that are not pedestrian friendly. While alleys serve a critical function for the many shops, restaurants and offices throughout downtown by providing a location for dumpsters and service vehicles; they can also function as a pedestrian spaces capable of housing amenities such as outdoor seating, art installations and pedestrian linkages.

      The intent of this installation is to recognize and celebrate the existing pedestrian’s use of these spaces throughout downtown by focusing on one alley in particular. Injecting simple pedestrian-oriented amenities such as color, art, plantings and seating will transform this space from a concrete valley into an urban park without negatively impacting any of the service functions of the alley.

      While this installation is designed to be temporary, it is our hope that this project sparks a recognition of the potential that alleys possess within downtown and leads to future, more permanent, alley improvements throughout downtown.


  • Beyond the Loop Study

    August 21, 2017

    A public open house will be held at 5-7pm on Tuesday, August 22nd at MARC’s offices to update the public on the “Beyond the Loop” study progress to date. This will include the unveiling of conceptual alternatives being explored to improve, modify, or remove the northern portion of Kansas City’s Downtown highway loop.

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    • As part of an integrated multi-disciplinary team, Confluence is leading the urban design and economic development efforts associated with consolidating and/or removing a portion of the highway to make way for additional development, increased community connectivity, and strengthening the physical relationship between the Downtown Central Business District, the Historic River Market District, and the Columbus Park Neighborhood.  The study effort also includes exploring alternatives for replacing the existing Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge with a new Missouri River Bridge, including related connections to the Downtown Airport and the West Bottoms area.

      More information can be found here. After August 22nd, the project website will be updated to include materials shared with the public.

  • Crossroads Mixed-Use Project / Edina, Minnesota

    July 29, 2017

    Confluence is excited to be involved in the new Crossroads mixed-use project in Edina, Minnesota. One of the first of its kind in North America, the project includes two residential towers connected by a pedestrian and bicycle cable bridge that spans a busy intersection of the 6-lane France Avenue thoroughfare. If approved, this iconic feature will provide the missing link in the Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail.

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    • This bike and pedestrian friendly development proposed by EG Capital and designed by DJR Architects introduces mixed use, residential, office and retail development with the public realm and an integrated public pedestrian bridge connecting the Three Rivers Park district Nine Mile Creek Trail with the Edina Promenade. One of the first of its kind In North America, this pedestrian and bike cable bridge spans a busy intersection of France Avenue, a six lane thoroughfare, and is structurally part of the two towers and the internal public circulation. Confluence is proud to be a part of this creative and forward thinking team.

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