Our Approach

Design and planning is a collaborative, managed process. Whether that involves working directly with an individual client, or involving hundreds of interested community participants, our team understands the value in fully exploring the opportunities any given project provides. We take pride in developing an interactive planning and design process that is specifically tailored to the unique needs of each project.

This process:

  • Informs all participants of relevant project information.
  • Ensures key project issues and opportunities are clearly communicated.
  • Provides a common understanding of the goals to be achieved.
  • Leads to comprehensive solutions that reflect the input of all participants.
  • Builds a sense of ownership in the decisions made by all participants.

We employ a variety of tools including surveys, handouts, stakeholder interviews, neighborhood and focus group meetings, public presentations, social networking tools, and we “right-size” our approach to fit the specific project budget and needs.

Our name reflects our commitment to an open and collaborative approach to design and planning. Confluence brings everything together – naturally.