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  • Embracing the River

    April 10, 2017

    Our Minneapolis office has been helping the City of St.Cloud, Minnesota plan for how to embrace the Mississippi River after years of turning downtown’s back on it. Check out Minnesota Public Radio’s take on it.

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    • The Mississippi River winds right through the middle of town but the city of St. Cloud, Minnesota (just north of Minneapolis) hasn’t always embraced it. For years, buildings literally turned their backs on the river with their entrances directly on the other side and no real access to the river for anyone. But civic leaders asked Confluence to help them with a vision for changing all that.

      Terry Minarik and his staff in the Minneapolis office came up with several options for creating a linear park, giving people access to the river and reconnecting a river town to one of the great American rivers. City and business leaders see this as just the first step in a new generation of downtown development and recreation opportunities in St. Cloud.

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