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  • Olathe Park Master Plans

    September 11, 2015

    We were recently selected to develop master plans for Olathe’s Cedar Lake and Lake Olathe Parks. The project will include a rigorous public engagement process, resulting in facilities and programs unique to the metro area.

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    • Confluence has been retained to lead a multi-disciplinary team to develop two park master plans for the City of Olathe, Kansas. Cedar Lake is a 129-acre community park acquired by the City in 1920. The 75-acre lake was the first water source for the community. Lake Olathe Park is a 378-acre community park containing a 170 acre lake. This park was purchased by the City in 1959 and provided the City’s main water source until 2005.

      As part of the process, Confluence will lead a rigorous public engagement process, resulting in master plans that provide the residents of Olathe with facilities and programs that are unique within the metro area. When the master plans are completed in early 2016, Confluence will begin final design for both parks with construction of the $13 million project scheduled to begin in mid-2016.