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  • Coralville West Land Use Area

    May 18, 2015

    Confluence is leading the visioning; market analysis; and development of a master plan, land use plan, zoning overlay and design guidelines for this important growth area. The community is encouraged to participate through a series of public meetings and workshops.

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    • Confluence is leading a multi-disciplinary planning team to assist the City of Coralville, Iowa in building upon the recently adopted 2014 Coralville Community Plan by establishing a clear vision for the future of the West Land Use Area. The West Land Use Area is located between I-380 and Coral Ridge Avenue/Highway 965, south of Forevergreen Road, and north of I-80.

      The plan includes visioning; a market analysis to determine demand and absorption rates for housing, office, and retail space; a conceptual master plan and refined land use plan; and design guidelines and zoning overlay. This plan will also ensure that infrastructure and water distribution, sanitary sewer collection, and storm water drainage utilities are developed to meet future needs.

      Community input is an important component in establishing the vision for this area and the planning team has already facilitated several public meetings to allow community members to contribute ideas about the future of this important growth area. Meeting formats have included open houses, presentations and the use of keypad polling to gather the community’s preferences on various aspects of the development.