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  • 6th Avenue Corridor

    November 21, 2014

    Confluence is developing pedestrian friendly, artistic and sustainable corridor improvements to revitalize this historic area of Des Moines.

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    • Confluence, together with the City of Des Moines and the non-profit 6th Avenue Corridor, recently presented the conceptual design for the 6th Avenue streetscape to area residents, stakeholders, and the public. Participants viewed renderings and plan graphics for the corridor and also offered thoughts about the progress to date. In the coming weeks and months, Confluence will continue to refine the design in preparation for a joint effort with the City of Des Moines to develop a series of phased documents to begin construction in the corridor.

      Design components include:

      • Implementation of a “road diet” to better suit multiple modes of transportation, including walking, biking, and vehicular traffic. Currently a 5-lane roadway within 60-66’ right-of-way, the diet proposes to reduce the number of lanes to three (including one two-way-left-turn lane) to widen pedestrian space on both sides of the corridor.

      • Integration of green infrastructure at intersections to capture and filter storm water prior to entry into a newly updated storm sewer system.

      • Installation of public art at intersections and other key areas to tell a cultural or historical story of 6th Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood.