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  • In Progress: ACT Courtyard

    February 13, 2012

    Confluence is currently working with ACT (American College Testing) to redesign their central campus courtyard.

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    • The space is essentially surrounded on three sides by two buildings, the Ferguson Building framing the west and a northwest segment and the Davidson Building framing the east and northeast segment.  An underground tunnel connects the two wings. The two building complexes including the courtyard were designed and constructed in the mid 1980’s.  ACT has a very active and well funded grounds maintenance program. The entire campus is well organized, meticulously manicured and sends a strong positive message to any visitor that arrives. 

      We were asked to walk the courtyard with the client to discuss the site concerns that currently exist:

      –   Severe ground moisture problems leading to plant fatalities and plaza hardscape failures.

      –   Inadequate lighting

      –   Underuse of the courtyard by staff

      The existing courtyard geometry is neat and organized but fairly stiff. Our directive was to change the entire look and feel of the space and bring new design energy into play. The first phase of our work was to develop an overall master plan for the new courtyard. After many meetings with staff, a final design was presented to the client. The new design introduces a much more relaxed landscape architectural theme with bed lines that sweep through the space connecting walkways, tree groves and water features while providing wonderful views and inviting pleasant places to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

      We are currently nearing Design Development Phase completion and will have the final Construction Document set available for selected contractors by March 1st. Construction is currently slated to be done in early July.