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  • In Progress: Big Sioux River Greenway – Phase I

    January 20, 2012

    Confluence is in full swing on the construction of Phase One of the downtown Big Sioux River Greenway in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Situated between 6th and 8th Street, the work includes reconstruction of the east bank and improvements to the west bank. Greenway upgrades include river walls, improved greenway access, gathering areas, seating, a widened trail, a new pedestrian bridge, and landscape and irrigation improvements.

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    • Current work in progress includes the design and construction of interpretive signage throughout the site. Primary locations are on a series of large stone based light piers near the central stepped river edge and at entrance nodes where the greenway interacts with the downtown community.

      The eight light piers are constructed of an 8′ tall quartzite veneer base with a 6′ tall printed graphic makrolon top.  Graphics for the lighted top include artistic renderings of native South Dakotan little bluestem and switchgrass. Mounted on the base of each stone pier is a printed high pressure laminate historical sign displaying images and interpretation of surrounding buildings, the greenway’s development, and the evolution of parks throughout Sioux Falls’ history. Further high pressure laminate signs featuring images of the greenway and falls are mounted on large slabs of quartzite at the primary entrances to the project on both north and south ends.

      Planning for Phase Two of Greenway improvements has begun, and will incorporate further interpretive signage, ADA bike and pedestrian access to the bike trail, additional river walls, and stepped river edge improvements. Phase Two construction on the east bank south of 8th Street will begin in 2012.